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A Bob/Frank Community
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Welcome to andwegocold, a community dedicated to the lovely fanfiction pairing of Bob Bryar and Frank Iero.

You are welcome to post fanfiction, graphics, or even theories about Bob/Frank. All you are asked to do is follow these simple rules.

1. Please be kind to other members. Rudeness is not accepted.
2. When posting fanfiction, please copy the following code for your header:

3. Introduction posts aren't necessary, but you may do so if you wish.
4. This is an open community. That means that your posts will not be moderated, but if I see that you do not follow any of the simple rules above, your post will be deleted. The choice is yours whether or not the posts are friends locked.
5. Promoting is acceptable, but please note that if too much promotion of off topic things will have promoting banned.


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mcrficrecs - Recommendations for My Chemical Slash
bob_slash - Bob Slash
toro_thighs - Ray Slash
jephquinnation - Jeph/Quinn


aim: umthing special
email: yourfavorite.weapon@yahoo.com
Please contact me if you wish to help this community out.

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yahoo: spikehawkinsnme
e-mail/MSN: sonicreducer77@hotmail.com

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DISCLAIMER: The works within are fake. We are not affiliated with My Chemical Romance, its members, management, or family. This is purely for entertainment.

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