you don't know a thing about my sins (scatterbones) wrote in andwegocold,
you don't know a thing about my sins

Title: For Everything You Gain
Author: scatterbones
Pairing: Frank/Bob
Summary: Frank is a werewolf and he is severely injured, Gerard tries to be a stern and caring pack leader, and Bob is secretly smitten. Special guest appearances by medical!Ray and submissive!Mikey.
Disclaimer: Not real. I don't own MCR, none of this ever happened (I'm pretty sure the guys have not been werewolves since they were born), don't sue me because you won't get anything.
Author Notes: Figured this community could use a little (or big) boost, so I decided to post this fic I wrote for bandom_hc a couple months ago.

Master Post @ scatterbones
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