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  Title: Blue's My Favourite Colour
Author: Shazzy
Warnings: Nothing too bad
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero
Summary: "You have real pretty eyes," Frank tells him. "Such a pretty shade of blue, I like blue, it's my favourite colour!"

If this were real, I don't think there would be a My Chemical Romance to write about. I don't own MCR or The Shining

Bob was twenty-one years old. He worked in a hairdressers, the old 'nine-to-five'. Some people thought it was a bit gay, but Bob didn't mind. He was a bit gay anyway.

He got the bus to work at eight am, and home at six pm. The Kid was always on his bus.

Bob didn't know The Kid's name. He guessed he was a student at the near-by university. Bob liked The Kid, he was cute in an unusual sort of way.

He was a fan of skinny jeans, and Bob had learned that he had quite a variety of colours. He usually wore them with skin tight shirts, or sweaters in vibrant colours.

He had shaggy, rough dark hair that hung from his scalp in a messy clump. A fringe that trailed over his forehead and came to rest on his square, electric blue, thick rimmed glasses which magnified his pretty green eyes. He had soft lips, high cheekbones and pale skin.

In the mornings he would sit on the bus with his forehead pressed against the cool glass of the window, looking on the verge of falling asleep. In the evenings he would bounce onto the bus, perky and full of life. Eyes bright and eager behind their ocean frame. Head held high and alert, and sometimes his eyes would fall on Bob, only for a second. In that second Bob's heart would flutter, but then his eyes would be gone.

This morning Bob was sitting in his usual seat, second row from the back, far left. The Kid always sat diagonal from him, third row from the back, far right. The Kid wasn't on the bus yet and Bob wondered if he would be there today. Dissappointment began to pull at his insides.

Then that scruffy head appeared and Bob couldn't help but smile. He was spread over two seats, back against the window, feet on the seat beside him, knees pointing towards the roof. Black skinnies clung to his legs, as did a black shirt to his torso. A silver studded belt seperated the two, nicely hugging his slim waist. On his feet were black Converse - his usual work uniform.

The Kid offered him a tired smile as he made his way to his seat, tossing his old and worn black messenger bag down roughly. Bob nodded, watching as The Kid pushed his glasses up his nose. His eyes were outlined in black and sprinkled with purple eyeshadow. He was wearing purple skinnies to match, and a purple Paramore shirt. He had a pink studded belt on, and hot pink Vans.

The ride was twenty minutes long. Bob lay against the window, watching as The Kid yawned and leaned into the glass. It was a sunny morning and the air felt crisp and fresh through the open window.

The bus slowed and pulled into their stop. Bob watched The Kid drag himself from his seat, push up his glasses again, and lift his bag. The sun's rays made the siler ring in his bottom left lip gleam.

Bob got up and followed The Kid off the bus, easily hopping down the two steps at the door. The Kid offered him another smile, looking more awake now, before hoisting his bag further up his shoulder and walking away with his hands in his pockets.

Bob watched him for a moment before turning and walking in the opposite direction. It was a fithfteen minute walk to the hair salon and Bob enjoyed the time in the cool air. The streets were littered with a random few people, mostly students, so the sidewalks weren't too busy, offereing a sense of peacefulness.

Bob pushed open the door to the salon (it had some awkward Spanish name Bob had never been able to pronounce) and the tinkling of the bell filled the air. The salon was empty except for the man behind the counter, this was no suprise to Bob as it wasn't opening hours yet.

"Morning Sunshine!" The man behind the counter smiled at Bob. He had tan skin, deep brown eyes and hair that looked like a singed bush.

"Hey Ray."

Ray owned the salon and Bob thinks he couldn't work for a nicer man, or one with crazier hair.

"Aw, you're awfully bright-eyed. See your little bookworm this morning?" Ray asked, with a knowing look.

"Yeah," Bob sighs dreamily. "Don't I always?"

Ray had taken to calling The Kid Bob's little bookworm after Bob told him he usually reads on the bus home.

"Sweetie, I don't know why you don't just talk to him." As Rayis saying this, two guys enter the salon. One is tall and all pointy angles, with light brown hair and dark brown eyes framed with white and black glasses. The other is slightly shorter with unruly black hair, deathly pale skin and mystical hazel eyes. Unlike the tall, pointy one, this one's all soft curves.

"Oooh, are we talking about Bob's lil crush?" the tall one asks excitedly.

"Shut up Mikey!" Bob snaps, but he's smiling. Mikey's dressed in a similar uniform and the black makes him look even more dangerously thin. "And Gerard, what brings you out of hibernation so early?"

Gerard rolls his eyes, he's not a morning person. "Ha ha ha! Come to put on an appointment, wouldn't have anyone but you cut my hair, Bobby boy! No offence, bro." he tells Mikey.

"None taken," Mikey assures him.

"Well," Ray says, flicking through the organizer on the counter. "We're not that busy, so we can fit you in first thing. If that's alright?"

"Fine by me!" Gerard drops into one of the black spiny chairs and Bob drapes an apron over him. "Just tidy 'er up, Bob my man!"

"Alrighty!" Bob flicks his fringe from his eyes and sets to work. Soon Gerard's hair looks considerably more under control.

"Ta da!" Bob exclaims, sweeping the apron off of Gerard in a dramatic fashion.

"Thanks Bobby," Gerard grins at him, inscisors gleaming.

"Oh Bob, tell Gee about your crush! He might know him, he goes to the university!" Mikey suddenly burst out as the idea hit him.

Bob groaned, wondering why he had ever told these guys about The Kid in the first place.

"Bobby!" Gerard turns to him with a sly grin. "Who's the mysterious stranger?"

Ray watches with amusement.

"He...He's just this kid that gets my bus. Short guy. Messy black hair. Electric blue glasses, square ones like Mikey's only thicker rims. Fan of skinny jeans. Pretty little thing."

"Ah, head always stuck in a book?"

"Yeah," Bob replies eagerly.

"Sounds like Frank Iero, only kid I know with electric blue glasses. Nerdy guy, he's not in my course," Gerard was doing an art course. "Think he's doing an English course or something."

"Frank Iero," Bob repeated. The name felt nice on his tongue, familiar. Frank.


That evening Frank's hiding behind a book, 'The Shining', and Bob's considering reading that book now. A tuft of Frank's hair is sticking up in a cute little way, but even so Bob wants so badly to straighten it. He thinks it would look longer straightened, prettier.

Bob's so lost in his thoughts he doesn't realise he's staring, and Frank's staring right back. Watching Bob over the top of his book, glasses resting on the edge of his nose, green eyes sparked with excitment. Bob quickly looks away, pretending to stare out the window. When he looks back a few minutes later Frank has stopped staring.


It's Friday evening and Bob's tired. The salon was busy today. 'Horray for weekends!" Bob cheers into himself. It's not that he doesn't like his job, he just likes to have a break now and then.

He closes his eyes and rests his head back against the bus shelter, letting the sounds of the street surround him. After a while he feels someone sit down beside him. Slowly he pushes his eyes open and it's no one other than Frank himself.

"Hi," he smiles, all pearly white teeth, and Bob smiles back.

"Hey," Bob replies as Frank stares at him. He has full lips with a ring through the bottom right, blonde hair that falls in golden whisps over his forehead and icy blue eyes.

"You have real pretty eyes," Frank tells him. "Such a pretty shade of blue, I like blue, it's my favourite colour!"

The words seem to tumble out in one mouthfull. He's talking fast, but not from nerves. Bob knows this is natural, he's just an excitable kid like that.

"I'm Frank, by the way. But you can call me Frankie 'cause it sounds cuter and less formal. And you're Bob!" Frankie shoots him a killer grin.

"Um yeah...how'd you..?"

"Read your buss pass over your shoulder one day," Frank admits. "You're pretty, and you watch me, but that might be 'cause you think I'm weird. Lots of people think I'm weird, but I'm not really, just different."

Bob feels out of breath just listening to him, but Frankie doesn't seem short of breath at all.

"I don't think you're weird," Bob tells him.

"That's good," Frankie smiles.

"I think you're beautiful," Bob continues.

"That's even better!" Frankie rests his hand on Bob's and a tingle shoots through Bob's body.

"We should be bus buddies, ya know?" Frank tells him. "Then one day maybe we'll get married and live happily ever after, or maybe we'll both get murdered by a madman possessed by a hotel with a roque mallet!"

"The Shining?" Bob asks, with a smile.

"Yip!" Frank replies, all dazzling grin."Or maybe we could write or own ending.," he suggests dreamily, leaning into Bob and resting his head on Bob's shoulder.

Bob thinks he likes the sound of that.

~Ze End.

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