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 Title: Bob's Lesbian Dream
Author: Shazzy [info]x_fangs_up_x
Warnings: Slight Genderswap, swearing
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Frank Iero
Summary: Yeah, definitely different, because the last time Bob checked, Frank didn't have boobs.
Disclaimer: Yeah I totally own them. Psh, I wish. Not real, ayee?
A/N: Sequel to My Lesbian Romance?
Found Here: http://community.livejournal.com/andwegocold/37385.html#cutid1
'Cause a few people wanted a sequel

Bob wakes up, stretches, yawns, and looks down. Curled up beside him and sleeping rather peacefully is none other than Frank Iero. Only, Bob notices something different. Bob rubs the last traces of sleep from his eyes and looks again. Yeah, definitely different, because the last time Bob checked, Frank didn't have boobs.

Then Bob notices something else, and he sort of has a breakdown inside his head because, what the fuck, now he has boobs too and that's just...not cool.

Frank's eyes flutter open, looking up through longer than usual eyelashes at Bob, and yeah, Bob's a little turned on. Just a little. He always had a weak spot for Frank anyway.

"Morning, Sunshine." Frank smiles up at Bob, soft, full lips curving gently into a smile.

"Yeah, uhm Frank?"


"Since when have you had boobs?" Bob blushes as he asks, and seriously, he never imagined he'd ever have to ask Frank that.

"Silly Bob!" Frank giggles, quickly scrambling to straddle Bob's waist. "Since, like, forever?"

"Oh.." Bob kind of doesn't know what to say, then Frank presses a kiss to his lips, and yeah, Bob's mind kind of just explodes. Thanks a lot Frank.

Then Bob's staring at the roof of his bunk. His head's spinning and he can hear Mikey and Gerard fighting in the background. It takes him a moment to realise he was dreaming.Bob sits up a little, looking down at male Frank, curled into his side and sleeping just as peacefully as female Frank was.

Bob delivers a sly poke to Frank's ribs, and the gutarists lets out a yelp.

"'Thefuck...Bob!" he whines, obviously not amused at being woke.

Bob ignores the outburst.

"Remember what you said yesterday?"

"What, that Gerard looked like a woman?"


"That Ray's hair was actually a dog called Herbert."
"What....when did you say that?"

"Maybe that was a dream..."

No, the conversation we had when you were watching Peter Pan."

A content look passes over Frank's face.

"I love that movie.."

"I know you do Frank."

"You know me too well."

"Do you remember though? It was about lesbians?"

"Oh yeah! How it'd be awesome if we were a lesbian band, and you'd totally want my ass if we were lesbians."

Bob smiles.

"I so would, but I think I'd want your ass anyway."

Frank smiles, all bright, beaming and full on.


"Seriously, also you'd make a hot woman."

Frank giggles, and it sounds so girly that Bob giggles too. Then he stops, because oh my God, since when does he giggle. Bob metally slaps himself for that, then Frank's is leaning up, all in his face and stealing his oxygen.

Maybe Bob doesn't mind. He thinks he likes sharing his oxygen with Frank, as he leans forward and presses there lips together.

"I make a hotter guy though," Frank murmurs against his lips.

"Totally," Bob replies with an easy smile.

~Ze End

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