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Welcome to Hell! #2

Title: Welcome to Hell!
Author: </a></a>iam_a_monster
Rating: </b>i am not sure about it there is bad language and stuff but nothing too bad ... at least for now...
Pairing: FrankxBob
Summary: Franks parents send him to Bootcamp which is hell and his roommate doesn’t make this any better…
Author's Notes: I STILL NEED A BETA…english is not my first language...as you see! =P
Disclaimer: As true as the fact that I one day will marry Edward Cullen my all time favourite vampir!

chapter 1

I just decided that coming out to my parents wasn’t a good idea at all when the door opened and Sergeant Way entered the room.

“Oh Sugar come on undress… we don’t want them to undress you, don’t we?” he talked in an extremely sweet voice … just the way you speak to a five year old who doesn’t want to eat his vegetables and pointed at fro guy and skinny guy.

Damn it I’ll rather undress myself than let these guys undress me… I am sure they would… I guess they have fun torturing people!

I started to lift my shirt when Way smirked “Aww good boy!” he waited until I was finally naked in front of him “And now bent over!” he smirked and when he did this he looked really evil!

I don’t even get this… first I have to undress, than I have to bent over I wonder what is going to follow… do they want to rape me because I am gay? I mean they know why I am here right?

But there didn’t happen anything else “turn around and put these on!” the skinny guy told me and gave me my new uniform.

I always liked blue! It could be worse. Blue Jeans and a dark blue shirt aren’t that bad at least I try to convince myself that that uniform isn’t bad!

“Well Iero we start the evening training at 20:00 that means you have 15 minutes to be down at the front door!” with this he left the room but before he closed the door he turned around “Oh and don’t be late the other boys won’t be pleased to make push ups because some new boy was late!” he mentioned the two guys to follow him and finally left me all alone in this room.

I sat on that chair which was by the way the only thing in the room and was glad to be alone I felt like a criminal with this guys around me.

I wonder where I would sleep do they have beds here? Are the other kids all criminal? Fuck I have to get this out of my head because I am already scared and this thinking doesn’t make anything better!

I arrived at the front door at 19:55 but most of the boys where already there and they were scary I guess they are all taller than me and most of them looked stronger than me some of them even looked like bodybuilders … fuck.

To sum everything up they scared the shit out of me! Their staring didn’t make this better… I mean they looked at me like a third eye came out of my forehead! So I made sure to stare at my feet until I heard Sergeant Way “Okay than boys today we will do an easy task. A ten kilometres run!”

Nice! I could hardly run 10 kilometres I knew that I mean the last time in my sport class we had to run this freaking cooper test and after the 12 minutes I felt like throwing up but I just run about 4 kilometres!

Way stood in front of us and clapped his hands turned around and screamed “Go!” and all the boys started running after him. I was quite surprised that he is running with us! But I had other problems than to worry about that guy because they were really fast and it took all my strength to keep up with them!

When Way shouted that we just passed 5 kilometres I already felt like dying. I wouldn’t give up. This time they won’t have a reason to pick up on me! Ha that will so not please him!

We reached the front door… yes we! I really made it to that fucking door! But oh my god I so have to puke I didn’t dare to move because I thought if I would move I had to throw up!

“Good time boys!” Way smiled “We were really fast so you have 30 minutes of free time until the lights go out… enjoy it!” He scanned the boys and when he found me he smirked and turned to me “Iero you are in room 413!” with this he left.

And I run to the toilet and broke down over the first toilet seat I found and threw up pretty much everything inside of me I wonder if there were any organs left in my body! After I finally finished my body cramped and I couldn’t breath so I started hyperventilating I was about to pass out when I saw one of the boys I run with earlier standing over me.

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