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Title: Welcome to Hell!
Author: iam_a_monster
i am not sure about it there is bad language but nothing else ... at least for now...
Pairing: Frank/Bob
Summary: Franks parents send him to Bootcamp which is hell and his roommate doesn’t make this any better…
Author's Notes: I NEED A BETA…I guess you see the large numbers of typos and grammer mistakes… so if you have a lot of time (I guess it takes long to correct everything) be my beta and make me really happy^^
Disclaimer: As true as the fact that I one day will marry Edward Cullen my all time favourite vampir!


I was in a freaking Bootcamp! Oh my god!

A lot of thoughts were running through my head when I realized where I was or better when the “nice” man in front of me who introduced himself as Sergeant Way told me where I was and that there is no chance for me to escape!

Nice…really nice! I just woke up in a place I can’t escape from! I guess my wildest dream came true! Yay!

Sergeant Way and two other men wearing the same dark blue clothes than Way lead me into another small room.

One of the men was skinny and tall and wore glasses and the other had the biggest fro I had ever seen in my whole life! And believe me I have seen a lot!

After they closed the door Way walked in front of me and looked down straight into my face

“Undress!” he commanded.

I looked at him in pure shock and was unable to speak but when I found my voice again I screamed at him “I the fuck won’t undress in front of you!”

Way just laughed and gave me an evil smirk then turned around to talk to the two guys.

“Make sure he can’t sit or lay down until he get undressed!” whit this he walked to the door and left me and the two guys alone in the room but before he left I turned around to say “well you know what guys just make sure he doesn’t move at all!”

The skinny guy moved to sit on a chair while the fro guy stood next to the door… to keep me from running I guess.

So well no sitting … I wasn’t tired anyway why should I want to sit down?

I had to find out what would happen if I would move so I made a small step near the chair in which the skinny guy was sitting.

“Stop!” both screamed “another step and we have to beat the shit out of you!” the fro guy explained in a causal voice.

They way he looked at me while saying that made me shake with fear because it looked like he meant every would he said and I guess that being beaten up by this two guys wouldn’t be fun.

So I just stood at the point thinking and waiting for it to be over.

10 hours later

Fuck my back hurts like hell the only thing I want is to sit or lay down, my legs were terribly shaking and I didn’t know how long I could stand this.

But I wouldn’t undress but first of all I had to keep my mind away from my shaking legs I thought about my parents I mean it is obvious that they send me here. I mean i thought that they wouldn't take the fact that their son is gay very well but i never ever thought that they would send me in a freaking Bootcamp!

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