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Undiscovered (1/2)

Title: Undiscovered (1/2)
Author: thatso_rad
Pairing: Frank/Bob + Gerard/Bert + implied past Gerard/Frank
Rating: R
POV: 3rd, omniscient
Summary: When Gerard finds somebody new, Frank feels pushed to the side and so, riddled with jealousy, he goes in search of someone elses affections.
: 100 % fiction
Beta: excess_chaos
Warnings: language.

Pimpin’ Frank/Bob over here!

All Gerard seemed capable of lately was staggering and falling.

At least that was the case ever since Bert had been around and Frank sometimes thought he was the only one who was witnessing Gerard’s obvious decline and was also the only one who knew that it was Bert’s fault and his fault alone. And therefore, stumbling, tripping and wildly drunk was how Gerard entered the bus that particular night of the Taste of Chaos Tour with his new best friend in tow.

Both were singing the Under Pressure duet at the tops of their voices as they burst in, arms wrapped around each other with wide grins plastered on their faces. The rest of their respective band mates had congregated on My Chemical Romance’s tour bus to enjoy a relatively quiet evening of chilling out and swapping tour stories. They all glanced up at the loud intrusion but found their surprise did not last for very long.

‘Hi guys.’ greeted Quinn happily while the others laughed, rolled their eyes or shook their heads with disapproving smiles. Only Frank looked away, determined to lapse into a permanent silence until somebody asked him what was wrong.

‘Oh Quinn. Did I ever tell you how great you are, Quinn?’ slurred Gerard, leaning into Bert who quickly stepped behind him in order to steady his veering body and keep it upright. Bert slung his arms low around Gerard’s waist and hugged him, breathing something into the curve of his ear that nobody else caught and Gerard chose to smile at, then ignore.

‘Well…?’ Gerard probed, his glazed eyes studying Quinn for an answer, while Bert’s grip tightened possessively and he hooked his fingers into the belt loops of Gerard’s pants.

‘Yeah, I think so. Last night, wasn’t it?’ Quinn replied with a wink, causing Gerard to laugh in delight.

‘Listen, we have decided on a game!’ announced Bert proudly, briefly lifting his hands from Gerard in a spirited gesture of triumph.

‘What kind of game?’ enquired Ray, eyeing Bert suspiciously from his place on the couch.

‘Truth or dare.’ Gerard snickered, his head falling back lazily on Bert’s shoulder.

This response triggered Ray to glance petrified over at Bob, sitting on the far end of couch. Bob met his gaze and they exchanged warning looks, seeming to arrive at a mutual agreement fairly swiftly.

‘Playstation?’ suggested Ray in a fearful croak.

‘Playstation.’ affirmed Bob, rising from his spot and heading towards one of the doors that led off, ruffling Frank’s hair affectionately as he crossed the room.

‘We’re out.’ Ray explained meekly, following Bob in a speedy exit.

‘Fine,’ sighed Gerard dramatically. He let them pass first then turned his hazy attention back to the remaining band members. ‘Anyone else too cowardly, before we start?’

‘Uh yeah. Me too, actually.’ piped up Brendan sheepishly, ducking away from Bert’s playful slap as he went to follow in Bob and Ray’s footsteps.

‘Okay,’ began Bert, nudging himself a space into the wonky circle the guys had already arranged themselves into on the floor and pulling Gerard down next to him. The braver few, consisting of Quinn, Jepha, Frank and Mikey, all looked to Bert nervously for instruction, save for Frank whose expression remained rigidly blank.

Only the portals of his eyes, burning into Bert’s skin told of the fierce hatred and jealously he secretly harbored, while he listened along with everybody else.

‘The last person who does the dare has to re-spin the bottle,’ Bert informed them. ‘But anyone can suggest a dare or a truth. We’ll just go with the harshest one that we can think of. Right, okay. So… anyone got a empty bottle?’

‘Here.’ said Jepha, producing an empty wine bottle as if by magic. He threw it carelessly to Bert who caught it with surprising finesse.

‘First off. I’m not kissing my sibling,’ stated Mikey, regarding Gerard, who sat beside him, warily. ‘In fact, I’m only doing truths.’ he added, coming to the firm decision that this was probably the safest option.

‘Spoilsport.’ Bert whined petulantly, looking like a child who had just been told Christmas was cancelled.

‘Sicko!’ retorted Mikey, but he grinned then yelped when Gerard took this chance to leap on top of him, tickling him madly and making kissy faces. Mikey warded him off for the most part, screeching for mercy and shielding himself protectively with both arms as Gerard continued his playful assault.

‘What’s this, you don’t love me anymore then, bro?’ Gerard taunted gleefully, tickling up and along Mikey’s ribs, then prizing apart his arms to successfully target a sloppy wet kiss on his cheek.

‘Eww, Gerard! Get off of me you drunkard,’ exclaimed Mikey, rolling out from under him and flushing with embarrassment as laughter erupted from all sides. ‘Bert, control him!’ demanded Mikey.

‘All right, dude,’ said Bert, calming down from his fit of giggling to guide Gerard away and pull him close, drooping an arm about his shoulders. ‘Now, lets play already.’ he declared, quieting the babble that had broken out since Mikey was tackled to the floor. He placed the bottle in the centre of their circle, making it spin with a flick of his wrist.

‘No daring anything weird, okay?’ warned Jepha with slight trepidation. ‘Not like the last time,’ he shot a glance at Quinn’s strained innocent expression. ‘I’m not drinking toilet water again.’

Quinn let out a shriek of laughter at the memory. ‘Oh God, you were the freak for agreeing to it. None of us actually expected you do go through with it.’

‘When did this happen?’ asked Mikey, intrigued.

‘Ages ago. When we first started out.’ Quinn answered, unable to suppress another bout of laughter at Jepha, who was seething beside him.

‘I was only trying to fit in,’ Jepha huffed in mock-agitation. ‘They told me everyone had to do it to be properly accepted in the band. I was so gullible and it was fucking disgusting.’

‘Fool!’ said Quinn, earning a hefty punch on the shoulder in retaliation from Jepha.

The bottle landed on Mikey to a chorus of long ‘Ooohs’ from everybody but Frank, who was looking on with undisguised boredom.

‘Truth only, okay?’ reminded Mikey, before squeezing his eyes shut, ready to flinch at whatever was about to come.

‘Hmm… truth,’ pondered Bert, a devious smirk appearing on his features. When nobody else jumped in with a suggestion he continued. ‘Mikey. Have you ever fantasized about your brother?’

‘Oh Bert, come on now.’ pleaded Gerard half-heartedly, snuggling closer to him and forcing Frank to tear his gaze away from the sight to concentrate on Mikey instead. Mikey cringed at Bert’s questioning but soon recovered, opening his eyes to look Bert directly on.

‘Yeah actually,’ Mikey said slowly. Bert leaned forward, fidgeting with excitement and everyone else suddenly fell silent, waiting tensely under the prospect of a confession. Mikey paused for dramatic effect, glancing at Gerard who seemed to have sobered up completely in the last couple of seconds and was listening apprehensively.

‘I once dreamed we were Jedi Masters together,’ Mikey admitted calmly, taking his own turn to smirk. ‘Except I had the biggest light-saber.’

‘I bet you did.’ Bert said, wraggling his eyebrows and grinning in a way Frank realized made him look rather unhinged, perhaps even psychotic. Mikey’s answer was met by deep sighs of relief from everyone but the most obvious person.

‘Is that it?’ asked Gerard with mild disappointment. ‘I though you dreamed about me every night…’

‘Gee, one day I will find a way to crush that gigantic ego of yours. Because it must be really painful for you by now.’ teased Mikey, patting his brother on the shoulder condescendingly.

‘Yeah...’ mumbled Gerard noncommittally, distracted by Bert taking a lock of his hair and tucking it behind his ear so it wouldn’t swing in his face. ‘Thanks Bert.’ he pouted, the exact same moment Frank’s stomach decided to do a nauseous lurch. Mikey just shook his head in defeat.

Next, the spinning bottle slowed to a stop on Jepha. He clapped his hands together in a praying motion and crushed his eyes closed in the same way Mikey had done. ‘I pick dare. Go on, fucking shoot.’

‘Jepha, I dare you to go in the other room and give Bob a lap dance.’ said Quinn eagerly, impressed by his own genius.

‘Awesome!’ laughed Bert, leaning over to high-five Quinn.

‘Easy,’ said Jepha loftily, getting up and striding towards the door with confidence. ‘You wait, five minutes with me and he’ll have turned gayer then the day is long.’

When Jepha was gone, the group exchanged worried glances with each other, with the exception of Frank who happened to be picking thin tufts of wool out of the carpet.

‘I fear for his life.’ Mikey stated ominously, voicing the common feeling shared by them all.

Gerard chuckled under his breath. ‘Yeah, Bob takes no shit done to him. Especially gay shit. He’s like the straightest, straight guy I ever fucking met.’

‘True,’ said Quinn seriously while Bert and Mikey nodded. ‘Shame really.’

‘That reminds me,’ Gerard said, turning sluggishly to face Bert, then having trouble focusing at such close range. ‘Did you steal my eyeliner yesterday? I can’t find it anywhere.’

But Bert didn’t have the opportunity to make an excuse because the sound of a horrified yelp resounded through the tour bus. ‘What the hell? Oh God, get the fuck away from me! Out! Jepha you fucking prick, I was on a winning streak!’ Bob could be heard scolding angrily and on the loud thud of what sounded like a games controller being hurled at the wall, Jepha came rushing out.

‘He’s furious!’ said Jepha breathlessly, grinning like he’d just achieved a life long dream as the others stared anxiously at the door, half expecting Bob to come crashing through it in a rage.

‘Never knew Bryar could hit that high a pitch. You musta really fucking scared him, Jeph.’ congratulated Bert, slapping Jepha on the back as he reclaimed the space beside him.

To his own annoyance, Frank couldn’t resist chuckling aloud himself, he couldn’t hide it while knowing exactly how pissed Bob must have been at having his sacred game with Ray interrupted. That was something you just did not do. And as he contemplated it, the sudden mental image of Bob transforming into the Incredible Hulk filtered into his mind, causing him to choke on his own laughter.

‘Oh Frank?’ said Gerard, as though shocked to discover Frank actually existed and had been present throughout the game. ‘That must be the first time I heard you all evening. You okay?’

‘I’m fine.’ replied Frank, in a tone that clearly indicated he was anything but fine.

Gerard’s face fell slightly at being snapped at, his eyebrows forming into a perplexed frown, before he was distracted again by Bert’s loud, hyperactive voice and he turned to look his way instead. Frank gritted his teeth, splitting the gum he was chewing down through the middle, feeling incensed that Gerard –- however drunk he was –- could just ignore him like that, as soon as Bert so much as breathed.

‘Maybe you should’ve dressed like a chick first,’ Bert told Jepha. ‘He might’ve been less shy.’

‘I look good as a chick.’ murmured Gerard dreamily, tipping his head to the side and resting it on Bert’s shoulder.

‘So we keep hearing,’ complained Mikey. ‘Is this an indication of something? Next will I have to tell mom you’re considering a sex-change?’

‘You’re just jealous you can’t pull it off.’ scoffed Gerard, scrunching his nose up at his brother.

‘Yeah, cause I actually have a man’s jaw line. You never did grow out of that baby-face did you, Gee? Mom always said you would…’

‘Shut up.’ hissed Gerard, suitably affronted by Mikey’s quick, cutting reply.

Ignoring the squabbling brothers, Bert began stroking Gerard’s hair, smoothing it down from his parting.

‘No, I can see it,’ he said, voice noticeably dropping a note or two as he pulled Gerard’s chin up to face him and ran a finger lightly over his cheekbone. ‘Yeah, you’d definitely make a great chick.’ Gerard laughed breathily, unmoving as Bert cupped his face, thumb grazing softly over the pale of his skin.

‘Yeah, that could be your dare. Tomorrow hit the stage in drag!’ proposed Jepha, manually pointing the bottle in the direction of Gerard, his cheat going unseen or disregarded by the others who were avidly observing the public moment Gerard and Bert seemed to be sharing.

Nearly all were looking on with fondness and approval, even Mikey. But Frank couldn’t comprehend why. He thought watching the two of them fluttering bedroom eyes at each other had to be the most vomit-inducing thing he’d ever had the bad luck to witness. So much so, in fact, that it should be altogether banned. And it would too, if he were ever elected President.

‘Nah,’ disagreed Quinn, wistfully contemplating Bert and Gerard who were still too occupied within each others gaze to comment. There was an unbroken silence before Quinn spoke up again. ‘I think Gerard’s dare is to kiss Bert…’

His last words finally drew them both out of their lingering stupor and back into reality. They turned and smiled bashfully at the collection of stares they had been receiving and parted slightly but without creating a great distance.

‘Shit Quinn, I think you’ve discovered the not-so-invisible elephant in the room,’ said Mikey, rolling his eyes. He poked his brother, teasingly. ‘And by elephant, I mean Gerard here.’

‘Well done Mikey, another ten points to you.’ remarked Gerard sardonically, without bothering to glance his way.

‘Yeah, go on you guys,’ urged Jepha making Frank want to reach over and clamp his big mouth shut. ‘Don’t try and pretend you never had it in mind when you planned this. It was so gonna happen.’

On seeing Bert and Gerard sneak mischievous glances at each other, Frank’s heart began to pound.

‘Well, I don’t wanna watch it.’ objected Mikey in a whiney tone, sticking his hand up in refusal and turning his head pointedly to the side.

‘Yeah, you do you little perv.’ said Jepha.

‘Whatever,’ dismissed Mikey, flapping his hand at Bert and Gerard as though wafting away an unpleasant odor. ‘Argh, please just get it over with then.’

‘Bert kiss him!’ goaded Jepha, nudging him forward.

‘Quit bugging me, then! Alright, I’ll do it.’ agreed Bert, not looking in the least part nervous. ‘How bout it Gerard?’

‘Well, we can’t turn down a dare now, can we?’ Gerard replied, and then Frank knew that the trappings of his worst nightmare were nothing compared to what was about to happen. Because this was all too real and this time, he wouldn’t be waking up within the healing comfort of Gerard’s arms.

That same heart which had been racing in his chest, now felt like it was suddenly slowing, dropping its number of pulses until Frank could’ve sworn it ceased to beat altogether the instant Bert leaned into Gerard, sealing the gap between them with a deep, meaningful kiss.

They soon lost themselves within it, exploring each other and forgetting that this was simply a dare, that everyone was watching. Bert’s fingers splayed across Gerard’s neck as their kissing grew more impassioned, building to involve entwining tongues and wandering hands.

Frank watched miserably as Gerard opened his mouth time and time again to Bert, while clawing and clutching at his sides and inching forward until he was almost settled in his lap. Their lips rocked together with an intensity that Frank was sure he wouldn’t be able to cope with much longer.

But eventually, Gerard and Bert broke out of their heated embrace to a flurry of woops and cheers from a satisfied Jepha and Quinn. Having slipped out of the circle to distance himself from the lovebirds, Mikey was now sitting in a new position; his back flat against the wall, arms folded and eyes closed.

‘Is it over?’ Mikey asked, squinting through half-masked eyelids.

‘Yeah, don’t worry Mikes. Dangers passed.’ laughed Gerard, scooting over to cuddle his brother, who for once didn’t issue a complaint.

While Gerard’s attention was on Mikey, Bert turned to speak to Jepha but his intentions were diverted when he caught a glimpse of the look on Frank’s face, the glaring daggers he was being thrown and hadn’t noticed up until now.

But instead of being offended, Bert just smiled at Frank contemptuously, staring him out, provoking him to react. Then, deciding that this wasn’t enough to infuriate him, he puckered his lips quickly into a kiss and then blew it to the other man. Frank looked away instantly, the silent mocking sending him spiraling into an inner rage.

‘Spin it then, Gerard.’ ordered Jepha, when Gerard and Mikey had returned to the circle.

The bottle landed roughly between Quinn and Frank.

‘We’ll combine it,’ decided Bert, when everyone hesitated, unsure about whom to give a truth or dare. ‘Guys, you can do a dare together. Kiss each other. Now. And put on a bit of a show while you’re at it.’

Frank didn’t care to look at Bert’s smug expression, but he knew it was there and wanted to smack it black and blue.

He wanted this to end, he realized he was stupid for staying so long, letting everything get to him. It wasn’t that he was repulsed by or opposed to kissing Quinn. Normally, for the sake of a game like this -- which he’d played many a time -- he would go along with it, laugh about it afterwards. But this whole thing suddenly didn’t feel like a game, it felt more like a mind-fuck.

A mind-fuck that Bert was only just beginning, now he’d targeted Frank and forged a personal vendetta against him. Frank knew that because he’d let his feelings show, Bert’s possessiveness around Gerard was only set to increase. It was likely he wouldn’t be able to get near Gerard, enough talk to him properly for very long, now that Bert had his grip.

Frank had given no consent or even a nod before Quinn was leaning across and had aimlessly landed a kiss on one side of his mouth. Quinn put most of the effort in, going for the show Bert had suggested, while Frank only kissed back lightly, enough to hopefully appear polite to Quinn and spare his feelings.

It was chaste and slow, despite Quinn pushing his luck a few times, his tongue darting out to lick along Frank’s lower lip and press against it. On his third attempt at this, Frank pulled away abruptly.

‘I feel sick.’ Frank stated numbly, wiping his mouth with his sleeve and getting to his feet. He hurried past, not looking at anybody and left, annoyed when he discovered that slamming the thin door behind him hardly created a sound.

‘I’ll go after him.’ said Gerard, heaving a sigh and going to rise.

‘No,’ said Bert, snatching his wrist and hauling him back down. ‘Leave it. Just leave it.’

‘What’d I do?’ asked Quinn, looking thoroughly dejected.

Jepha placed a firm hand on Quinn’s shoulder, shaking his head and faking seriousness. ‘Hate to tell you this buddy, but it looks like you’re a bad kisser.’


A/N: This will span 2, maybe 3 parts. Bob will make a proper appearance soon. Continue? :D

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