Mouth of a Demon-Angel (tzimiscegrrrl) wrote in andwegocold,
Mouth of a Demon-Angel

Embracing the Drug that Makes You Mad [Standalone]

Title: Embracing the Drug that Makes You Mad
Author: tzimiscegrrrl
Pairing: Frank Iero / Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Third-Person Limited
Summary: Patients suffering from psychosis have impaired reality testing; that is, they are unable to distinguish personal subjective experience from the reality of the external world. They experience hallucinations and/or delusions that they believe are real, and may behave and communicate in an inappropriate and incoherent fashion.
Disclaimer: So very fake.
Author Notes: Extreme AU and Crack. This fic was inspired by the show Intervention, Season 2, Episode 31: “Cristy.”
Beta: crossbow1
Warnings: Drug use, physical abuse

Swap your mind for a mirror-search and shake until the break of day
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